Add Volume and Contour with Butt Augmentation Surgery

butt-augmentation-san-diegoOver the past few years, butt augmentation or Brazilian butt lift surgery has become one of the most sought after procedures we see in our office. A shapelier backside has become nearly as desirable as larger, fuller breasts. Fortunately, a more attractive, youthful buttock can be produced through a number of different surgical procedures depending upon your particular needs. In our San Diego plastic surgery office, we offer a number of different butt augmentation procedures to help reshape and lift your buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt-Lift

The Brazilian buttock is said to be the cosmetic ideal, and the envy of many women. This procedure is often the first choice for most women since it combines the beneficial contouring effects of liposuction in addition to the shaping effects of fat grafting. Fatty tissue is removed from the lower back, flanks, waist, thighs and abdomen, helping to provide a thinner, feminine silhouette in the areas surrounding the buttock. The fat that is harvested is processed, rinsed, filtered and prepared for re-injection into the body. The fat is then strategically injected into the buttock muscle and fatty tissues to help re-shape the buttock where it is deficient. Capitalizing on the popularity of Brazilian butt lift procedure, some surgeons have re-named it the “Thong Lift.” The only reported difference in this procedure is that the imperceptible needle access incisions are only placed in the area that would be concealed by a thong.

Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is virtually scar-less. Since the entire procedure is performed using thin, needle sized “cannulae” or metal tubes, there is virtually no scarring. Thus, even in a string bikini, there should be no evidence that you ever underwent the procedure.

Buttock Implants

This procedure was the first buttock augmentation procedure to be available and involves the placement of solid, but soft, silicone implants into the gluteal region to produce a fuller buttock. This procedure is better suited to thin patients that do not have enough fat to be a suitable candidate for the Brazilian butt lift.

A small incision is made in the inter-gluteal cleft (the space between the buttocks) and implants are inserted, much like breast augmentation, into spaces created either underneath the buttock skin and fat, or in-between the buttock muscles. The implants produce an immediate and significant improvement in the appearance of the rear end. Since the implant is silicone, there is no risk for eventual loss of the “volume” or shape produced by the implants. In a bikini or even thong, there should be no visible evidence of any surgical incision.

The Butt-Tuck Procedure

Another option to re-shape the gluteal area is the “Butt-Tuck” procedure. As we age, or after the weight changes that occur with pregnancy or weight loss, the buttock skin can sag at the gluteal crease. This excess skin can be seen in a bikini, tennis skirt or even in tight jeans. If the buttock still has a good fullness and shape, we can simply remove the excess skin and fatty tissue that obscures the junction of the buttock with the back of the thigh. The scar is well placed within the buttock crease and helps to restore a seamless transition from the rear end to the upper thigh.

Patients now can achieve a rounder buttock without the “sagging” skin commonly seen with age or after pregnancy. This area cannot normally be filled with fat, as it would just enhance the “excess” making the lower buttock too full and leading to an unattractive result.

In addition, the above procedures can be combined to suit the needs of almost any patient. It is quite common that patients will present complaints that encompass a number of different issues. Dr. Marin can help guide you to the procedure or procedures that best suit your needs.

Butt Augmentation Consults

If you are interested in learning more about your options for buttock augmentation or buttock re-shaping procedure, call our office to schedule an in-person butt augmentation consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Marin.