Bottoming Out Breast Implant Correction San Diego

November 26, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

A successful breast augmentation surgery not only relies on the skill of the surgeon but also the anatomy of the patient. Bottoming out is a complication that can occur either through an intentional or unintentional lowering of the breast crease or fold. ...

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Reducing Swelling and Inflammation after Surgery

November 12, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

Although there is no cure for the swelling and tissue inflammation that occurs after plastic surgery, there are certainly things that patients can do to limit these side effects. Swelling can be greatly reduced when patients follow Dr. Vince Marin‘s ...

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How Medications Adversely Affect Plastic Surgery

November 9, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

One of the most important things patients and plastic surgeons discuss during the pre-operative consultation is the patient’s use of medications, herbs, and vitamins. Certain products or common ingredients found in medications can increase the risk ...

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Health Recommendations before Plastic Surgery

November 2, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

Prior to undergoing plastic surgery, there are a number of health considerations and commitments that patients should make. The best candidates for any surgical procedure are those patients that are in good health; these patients face a significantly redu ...

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Reducing Post-operative Scarring

October 30, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

Scarring after plastic surgery. For some prospective patients, it is the single consideration that is preventing them from undergoing the cosmetic surgery of their choice. While all surgical procedures will result in some degree of scarring, due to the in ...

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Breast Reconstruction by the Numbers

October 22, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women with nearly 300,000 new cases diagnosed every year – 30% of all cancers in women are in the breast. Approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and ...

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San Diego Breast Revision – Case of The Month #3

October 10, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

This patient is a 24-year-old woman who previously underwent a breast augmentation with saline implants. She subsequently became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby, however, she suffered significant unfavorable cosmetic changes to her breasts. She pres ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness in San Diego

October 10, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

According to the US breast cancer statistics: About 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in ...

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How to Minimize Post-operative Pain

October 8, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are, perhaps, no other deterrents more powerful than the fear of pain, concerns over the price of treatment, and the desire to maintain a natural appearance. Cost concerns may be addressed through the use of health ...

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Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

October 2, 2012 By Dr. Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

Patients that undergo rhinoplasty with San Diego plastic surgeon Vince Marin have a lot of questions about the recovery timeline after surgery. In this post, Dr. Marin details how long specific side effects last, and what lifestyle changes you will need t ...

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