Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction Surgery San DiegoBreasts come in many shapes and sizes. However, more often than not, women are unhappy with the shape and/or size of their breasts. One study found that 70 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 65 were unhappy with either the shape or size of their breasts. Younger and thinner women were more likely to think their breasts were too small, while older and heavier women more often felt that their breasts were too large.

Fortunately, there are a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures that may help women feel more secure about the appearance of their breasts. These procedures can range from a breast lift, to breast reduction, to breast augmentation. There are even procedures that can reshape the nipple if it is inverted or protrudes too much, as well as to correct the size of the areola (the darkened skin around the nipple). Here are two common procedures that Dr. Vincent Marin can perform to reshape the size of the breasts and areolas.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure involves the surgical insertion of implants to change the shape and size of the breasts. This can be done to increase their size, reshape sagging breasts, or correct asymmetry in breast size ( where one is significantly larger or smaller than the other). The implants are filled with a silicone gel or a sterile saline solution encased in a silicone outer shell.

Recovery time following a breast augmentation procedure should take about two to three weeks. The breasts may be sore and swollen during this time, but that is perfectly normal.

Risks from breast augmentation may include scarring, changes in breast shape or nipple sensation, or blood clots. These risks are relatively rare, but if patients have any concerns, they should schedule a follow-up visit.

Areola Reduction

Large areolas (sometimes referred to as “puffy areolas”) may be the result of a previous surgery or pregnancy. Although enlarged areolas do not present any medical complications, they can look out of proportion to the rest of the breast.

Fortunately, surgical correction is relatively quick and simple, with almost no recovery time needed. Part of the areola is removed, either by very tiny incisions around the outside of the areola or at the base of the nipple itself. The actual surgery should take less than an hour. Dr. Marin will make every attempt to retain full breast sensation.

Recovery time is very minimal. Patients should be able to resume normal activities within 48 hours after the procedure. As with the breast augmentation procedure, the most common side effects will be bruising and swelling, both of which should start to go away within a week. If these persist beyond two or three weeks, schedule a follow-up appointment.

There’s no reason to be unhappy with the appearance of the breasts or areolas. Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Marin to learn more about the surgical options that are available. With breast augmentation and areola reduction, patients can experience a boost in their confidence and increased satisfaction with their appearance.

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