Breast Augmentation for Misshapen Breasts

Misshapen breasts can result from a number of causes, including congenital or developmental conditions, a previous breast augmentation procedure that did not go as planned, and pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed to fill out the breasts and give them a more rounded and full appearance.

Will Insurance Conver Surgery for Misshaped Breasts

Patients should know that in cases of augmentation to correct misshapen breasts, there is little chance that their insurance will cover the procedure. Even in cases when the patient has a congenital or developmental deformity, such as tuberous breasts, insurance generally will not cover the cost of breast augmentation. Patients wishing to explore this possibility can get help from Dr. Vincent Marin and his staff is happy to provide paperwork and file the claim for patients undergoing reconstructive breast surgery, but not all cases will be approved.

Congenital or Developmental Breast Deformities

Congenital or developmental breast deformities can include such conditions as tubular breasts (where the breasts are overly long and spaced far apart), extra breast formation, asymmetrical breast size, complete lack of breasts, or various nipple deformities. All of these can be corrected with breast surgery, including possible augmentation, depending on the individual cases. It is not unusual for full correction to take more than one procedure. In cases of congenital or developmental breast deformities, it is best to wait until age 17 or 18, once the patient has finished their growth spurt. By this time, the breasts will usually have reached their final size and shape.

Many of the same rules regarding side effects, risks, and recovery time for standard breast augmentation procedures will also apply to those procedures done to correct deformities. Patients should expect bruising and swelling for the first seven to 10 days following surgery, and will be required to wear a compression garment to reduce these side effects. Patients should expect to be able to return to regular activities, including work, about a week after surgery. Any strenuous activity or exercise should wait until six to eight weeks following surgery.

Correction of Previous Breast Augmentation

It is unfortunate that in some instances, a breast augmentation procedure may not go as planned. The implants may shift, leak, or rupture. In such cases, a second breast implant revision surgery is required to correct the problem. In other cases, the patient may decide that they want a different size or shape implant, or to have them removed altogether. In most of these cases, the second procedure is relatively simple in terms of removing or replacing the implants.

Whether due to a congenital or developmental deformity, or to correct a previous breast augmentation, there are a variety of ways to correct misshapen breasts. Patients are encouraged to discuss their options with Dr. Marin in order to decide on the best choice to meet their needs. Contact Marin Aesthetics in San Diego to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marin and find out how breast implants can be used to fill out the breast shape.

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