Breast Implants for Thin Women

Breast Implants for Thin WomenBecause women come in different shapes and sizes, breast implant manufacturers have developed different types of breast implants. You may know what look you are going for when going in for a breast augmentation consultation, but you may not know exactly what type of implant is best for your procedure.  If you are a thin woman with very little natural breast tissue, consider the following questions to determine what material is the best fit for you.

Silicone vs. Saline

The first thing you will want to understand before even discussing getting implants is the difference between the silicone and saline filler material. Silicone implants are gel-filled implants that are pre-filled before they are inserted. The silicone gel material is thicker than the saline solution and feels more similar to the fatty tissue in the breasts. Many women feel that silicone implants look and feel very similar to natural breast tissue. Saline implants do have an outer silicone shell, but are filled with a salt solution, rather than gel. Doctors will insert the implant empty and then fill the implant with the salt water solution once the implant is in place. Because the saline implants are filled after they are inserted in the body, a smaller incision is made.

Patient Age

The type of implant you will choose will also depend on your age. If you are over 22 years old, then you can choose between silicone and saline. Many doctors recommend that women over 22 years of age opt for the silicone solution. According to FDA guideline, women under 22 do not qualify for silicone implants, and will only qualify for saline implants.


One key factor when determining whether to use silicone or saline implants is to evaluate the relationship between the size you currently are and the size you would like to be. At Marin Aesthetics, Dr. Marin will help you understand which implant size is appropriate after a detailed consultation. There is no need to have your mind made up until you’ve talked with Dr. Marin. He will help you determine which implant option is better for your current size and for your projected new size.

The Amount of Natural Breast Tissue

During your consultation, Dr. Marin will determine how much natural tissue you already have in your breasts. The less tissue you have to cover an implant, then the more surgeons recommend silicone implants over saline. However, if you are more comfortable with the look and feel of saline implants, surgeons have the option of placing the implant under the muscle. Placing the silicone or saline implant under the muscle will offer more coverage and reduce rippling, leading to a more natural and beautiful look. When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Marin will give you options and help you evaluate your skin and tissue to determine which implant is best for you.

Thin women hoping to achieve a natural look are usually going to be best suited to silicone gel implants placed under the muscle. Dr. Marin will recommend the appropriate implant size and profile type to fill out the breasts and meet the patient’s cosmetic goals.

When push comes to shove, the look you want is what Dr. Marin will help you achieve. After going through the details of each option during your consultation, you can choose if you want saline or silicone implants. Feel free to ask any questions during your consultation, and ask for any advice when making a decision. Contact Marin Aesthetics today.

About the Author:

Dr. Vince Marin is a San Diego board-certified plastic surgeon specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, breast and body. If you wish to contact Dr. Marin, write to [email protected] or you can follow him on Twitter!