Chin Implant Revision Surgery

Within Western culture, a strong chin has been a sign of bravery, honesty, and (at least for men) virility. In fact, some of the recent research into facial attractiveness has examined this phenomenon. A 1997 article in the journal Behavioral Ecology examined the careers of several West Point cadets after graduation to determine if there was a correlation between having a strong appearance to the face and the highest military ranking attained following graduation. Those men with stronger faces (including stronger chins) achieved higher career military ranks than those who did not. The authors surmised that strong jaw lines and chins may actually be a result of higher levels of testosterone, which build extra layers of bone onto the chin.

Whether or not there is actually any scientific validity to the notion that a strong chin has any bearing upon personality traits, the truth is that our society still perceives those with stronger chins in a flattering manner. This is one of the major reasons that patients may decide to undergo a chin implant procedure.

Unfortunately, patients may not be fully satisfied with the results from their initial chin implant procedure. In such a case, they may want to seek out a revision surgery to both correct for the initial problem and give them the final results they were seeking from the first procedure. Dr. Marin has many years of experience performing revision surgical procedures, including those for chin implants.

Chin Implant Procedure

In a chin implant procedure, an incision is made either just under the natural crease of the chin or on the inside of the mouth below the gum line. The cosmetic surgeon will then form a pocket into which the chin implant will be inserted. Chin implants can be made of a variety of synthetic materials, but the most common is solid silicone, otherwise known as silastic. Implants may also be made of Gore-tex or Medpore. The choice of chin implant will depend on the individual surgeon, as well as the desired effect to be achieved.

Causes for a Revision Chin Implant Procedure

Perhaps the most common cause for patients to want a chin implant revision is that the implant is the wrong size for the face. If an implant is too big, it may jut out too far, leading to a “witches’ chin” effect. If the implant is too small, the chin may appear to droop, as there is no proper structural support provided by the implant. In other cases, patients may develop an adverse reaction to the chin implant material. In all cases, Dr. Marin recommends patients wait a minimum of two to three months after the initial procedure before considering getting an implant revision.

Performing the Revision Procedure

If a patient has developed an adverse reaction to the chin implant, Dr. Marin will remove that implant and replace it with one of another material, which the patient may be able to better tolerate. In the case of implants that are the wrong size, Dr. Marin will remove the initial implant and replace it with one that is properly sized. If an implant is too big, it can be resized. For implants that are too small, it may necessitate waiting for the initial pocket in the chin to heal up before performing a revision surgery with a smaller pocket for the implant.

Patients who decide to undergo a chin implant procedure are invested in their appearance. If the initial procedure does not produce the desired results, patients may be disappointed. However, a proper revision surgery can provide them with the strong, firm jaw they had always wanted.

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