Cosmetic Surgery and the Modern Workplace

Newsweek recently published and article about the benefits of looking good in the modern day workplace.  And in the words of a New York recruiter “This is the new reality of the job market,” says one New York recruiter, who asked to have her name withheld because she advises job candidates for a living. “It’s better to be average and good- looking than brilliant and unattractive.”  You can read the full article here: The Beauty Advantage

Unfortunately, the world we live in is based upon a modest degree of superficial opinions.  But this truly has persisted for many reasons since the dawn of human civilization – this is only the most modern version and permutation.  People often choose their partners, employees or friends based upon genetic code.  Indicating what “traits” have been the most successful over the ages.

Over the past several years, I have seen an increase in the number of patients who lost their jobs as a result of the economy and came to my office looking for a way in which they can be more competitive and look “younger.” There is a proven unconscious bias that people will more likely select a less qualified, more attractive candidate for a position.  Certain cosmetic procedures can help individuals look younger, more vibrant, and possibly help someone successfully reenter the workplace.

Newsweek put together a great “slider” cataloging our societal ideals of “beauty” over the past century – click here to see it in action: Beauty Slider

It is interesting on how little this has changed over the years – I only disagree with the example they used for the present day.  What do you think?



About the Author:

Dr. Vince Marin is a San Diego board-certified plastic surgeon specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, breast and body. If you wish to contact Dr. Marin, write to [email protected] or you can follow him on Twitter!