How to Give Your Loved One Plastic Surgery This Holiday

The holidays are the season for giving. However, not many people consider plastic surgery as a “gift.” Not uncommonly, we see husbands, wives or even parents consider the gift of plastic surgery to celebrate a milestone or birthday.

How to Give Your Loved One Plastic Surgery This Holiday | Marin Aesthetics
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Plastic Surgery is a Very Personal Decision

Giving plastic surgery as a gift can be a tricky situation. The most successful approach is first making sure the patient wants the particular procedure. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision and the patient’s opinion is very important. Once this hurdle is crossed, the rest becomes fairly straightforward.

The patient needs to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in the procedure you are considering. Not all surgeons perform all procedures or are comfortable with all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Thus, do your research and also realize that the patient must feel comfortable with the surgeon. After all, this is a personal relationship.

Once you’ve found the right surgeon and determine that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure then you need to schedule. Normally, a patient coordinator can help to arrange all of these details with the individual who is scheduling the surgery.

Finally, you can give the gift of the procedure. Unfortunately, this does need to be done well in advance of the procedure since there are a number of preparations that need to be completed prior to the day of surgery. The patient will be essential in pre-op communication and determining the ultimate aesthetic goals.

So, if you are considering the gift of plastic surgery this holiday season, use these tools and you will find it truly is better to give than receive.


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