Breast Reduction Costs and Payment Methods

Women with overly large breasts may suffer from a variety of physical problems, ranging from back issues, to skin rashes, headaches, chest pain, and even difficulty breathing. All of these are due to the weight of overly large breasts. In addition, women with overly large breasts may have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. For some or all of these reasons, these patients may seek to have Dr. Vincent Marin perform a breast reduction cosmetic surgical procedure. Before surgery, however, it is important for patients to understand their various options to cover payment for their procedure.

Cost of Surgery

At Dr. Marin’s practice, a standard breast reduction costs from $6,500 to $10,000. The range in cost will depend upon the extent of the procedure, the time it will take to perform, as well as if there are multiple procedures done at once (such as combining liposuction and a breast reduction procedure). Of course, the exact cost will vary from patient to patient.

Medical Insurance

In most cases, medical insurance will not cover for cosmetic surgery unless it is to correct an existing injury or illness. The good news for patients considering breast reduction is that it may be covered by insurance if it is to correct any health issues (such as back issues or breathing difficulties). Patients should discuss with their primary care physician and Dr. Marin the possibility of cosmetic surgery to correct any existing health issues.

Patients may feel that the amount of paperwork involved in filing an insurance claim to be very daunting and overwhelming. Dr. Marin’s office is ready to relieve this stress by assisting in any way possible to gather all the necessary paperwork and file the claim with the insurance company.

Other Payment Options

Dr. Marin’s office accepts cash, check, or major credit cards if the procedure is not covered by insurance. In addition, there are various financing options available.

One of the most popular of these financing options is CareCredit. The company works exclusively with various health care providers and has a long history of providing services for cosmetic surgery procedures. CareCredit provides a variety of no-interest financing options that can range from six to 24 months. Payments work just like with any major credit card. So long as the installments are paid on time each month, no additional fees are charged. If the payment is made in full within 12 months, patients may be able to cover the cost of treatment with no interest. The approval process is easy and can often be completed when the patient comes in for the initial consultation.

In many cases, cost is the deciding factor against cosmetic surgery. In the case of a breast reduction, cost may not be an impediment, as the procedure may be covered by insurance. Dr. Marin is dedicated to helping patients achieve the look they want, and will work with patients on how best to finance the procedure. Contact Marin Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marin.

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