Rhinoplasty Costs

Our San Diego patients can expect to pay between $5,000 and $9,000 for rhinoplasty surgery. The $4,000 difference between the lower and higher price points accounts for the less invasive to the more complicated rhinoplasty cases. You can expect to pay less for nose reshaping surgery if you are:

  • Undergoing a primary rhinoplasty as opposed to a revision procedure
  • Having surgery for medical reasons, such as a deviated septum, nose injury, or breathing obstruction; in these cases, health insurance may cover some of the costs associated with surgery
  • Getting surgery on fewer areas of the nose (the tip, bridge, nostrils, breathing passages, septum)
  • Not in need of a cartilage, bone, or fascia graft, or nasal implant

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. As such, Dr. Vincent Marin needs to meet with rhinoplasty patients in-person so he can perform a comprehensive examination, develop a treatment plan, and provide a more accurate rhinoplasty cost estimate.

How Can I Pay for Rhinoplasty?

Though many people do not realize it, the nose plays a major role in a person’s facial appearance. Adjusting its aesthetic can dramatically improve the way a person looks and feels. If you are ready to invest in your appearance and enhance your quality of life, rhinoplasty may be a suitable option. However, before any patient commits to plastic surgery, he or she should be sure that they can afford it. At Marin Aesthetics, we offer a number of payment options to serve all of our patients’ needs.

  • Health insurance: Since rhinoplasty is one of the few plastic surgery procedures that may be covered by insurance, patients that qualify for insurance coverage should find out what documentation they need to obtain benefits. When nose surgery is performed for medical reasons, your insurance company may pay for some of the costs of surgery; some of the costs insurance might cover include the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and facility fees. At Marin Aesthetics, our staff will assist you in getting the documents you need to get insurance coverage for your operation.
  • Cash or personal checks: To pay the remaining balance, or full balance if health insurance does not offer coverage, patients can pay for rhinoplasty surgery in cash or with a personal check.
  • Credit cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express at Marin Aesthetics. We urge patients paying with a credit card to review the terms of their agreements to avoid any unexpected fees. Patients should also develop and maintain a payment schedule that will work with their budgets.
  • Health care financing/credit cards: CareCredit, the leader in health care financing, offers the CareCredit credit card. Patients can be approved for up to $25,000, and the credit can be used to pay for health care services such as plastic surgery. CareCredit is known for offering no-interest or low-interest financing plans for patients that can pay off the cost of treatment within a year. Many of our San Diego patients use their CareCredit credit cards to pay for all of, or a portion of, the rhinoplasty procedure.

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