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Our San Diego body lift patients who have lost a significant amount of weight from diet and exercise or more commonly from lap band or gastric bypass procedures, excess skin may result around the entire abdomen. A body lift is a procedure that reshapes and contours the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks by trimming excess skin and removing excess fat deposits. Over time, we have learned that once one body area is corrected, the other areas nearby can become more noticeable if not properly addressed. Thus, for our patients that have lost a massive weight loss, a body lift has become the procedure of choice.

If you just lost a significant amount of weight and suffers from unsightly loose skin, set up a consultation with Dr. Marin at our La Jolla, San Diego office to know your surgical options.

Ideal Candidates for Body Lift

After a losing significant amount of weight, many people would want to undergo a body lift because of the sagging skin they are left with. However, since body lift is a highly complex surgery, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. The best candidates for a body lift procedure are those who:

  • Have sagging skin and fat around your abdomen.
  • Have a stable weight. Fluctuations may interfere with the outcomes of the procedure.
  • Are in good health with no serious medical conditions.
  • Are mentally and emotionally healthy because going under the knife can be an emotional process for some patients.
  • Are able to be put under general anesthesia.
  • Do not smoke or drink excessive alcohol.
  • Decide not to be pregnant after the surgery. This may reverse the results of the procedure.
  • Are committed to maintaining a healthy nutrition and performing a routine exercise to heal well and properly. This may let you enjoy the benefits of the surgery longer.
  • Have realistic expectation about the surgery, its outcome, and recovery period.

Aside from these, Dr. Marin will have to review your medical history, take a physical examination, and discuss with you other related matters during a consultation to ensure your safety and to provide the best results.

Types of Body Lift

There are three main types of body lifts. They may be performed individually or combined together, depending on the needs of the patient.

  • Lower Body Lift

    Lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is one of the most popular types of body lifts. It addresses the thighs, hips, and buttocks – the areas which majority of weight loss occurs. This procedure does not only remove the excess skin caused by significant weight loss, but this also adds contours to the body.

  • Mid Body Lift

    Torsoplasty or mid body lift is a procedure used to treat the abdominal area. Many patients prefer this type of body lift because with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Marin, the final appearance results to a smooth and beautiful contours from the tummy all the way to the thighs.

  • Total Body Lift

    Total body lift is for patients who experienced significant weight loss not just in some parts of their bodies but for most areas. This procedure addresses the loss of skin elasticity in most parts of the body – combining upper and lower body lifts. Aside from the areas treated by a lower body lift, this includes the reshaping and contouring of both the arms and the breasts. Recovery for this complex procedure may be lengthier and more extensive than other body lift types.

Undergoing Body Lift Surgery

After your consultation, Dr. Marin will come up with a personalized treatment plan that best fits your case. The most commonly treated areas in a body lift are the groin, thighs, buttocks, midsection, hips, and lower back. For some cases, a full body lift includes the breasts and the arms. The type of body lift procedure you will undergo greatly depends on where the excess skin on your body is found. Your desired outcomes are also heavily considered.

In general, a typical body lift surgery lasts for 4-6 hours – relatively longer than most plastic surgery procedures. This is an inpatient procedure, but it can also be an outpatient as long as you are supervised. Body lift requires a patient to be put under general anesthesia, as approved by a board-certified anesthesiology.

Before starting with the incisions, Dr. Marin may choose to perform liposuction as an initial step to remove fat deposits near the excess skin. This ultimately contributes to body contouring.

The extent of the incisions will depend on the type of body lift you are to undergo. In a lower body lift, Dr. Marin will first make an incision around the belt line of your waist, across your lower abdomen, and through your inner thighs.

Same steps as a lower body lift will be taken for a mid-body lift procedure, but the abdominal muscles will also be accessed. Dr. Marin will pull and put them together to make a slimmer waistline and flatter stomach.

For the total body lift, both the lower and mid body lift will be combined. In addition, Dr. Marin will address the sagging skin and tissue on your breasts, arms, and back. He may place an incision on your underarms to tighten your muscles and an incision around your areola to lift you breast. You may also have the option to insert implants if you want fuller breasts.

Once the contouring and trimming of the excess skin are complete, your incisions will then be closed with sutures and covered with compression garments and bandages.

After Your Body Lift

After the procedure, you may have to stay at Marin Aesthetics for a day or two – depending on the extent of your surgery. During the first two days, Dr. Marin will closely monitor you, making sure that your incisions are always clean to minimize possible complications that may occur. It is normal to feel discomfort and pain after the surgery. Dr. Marin will prescribe medications to reduce such.

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Recovery and Scarring

The recovery period for a body lift generally takes 3-6 weeks. You may return to work during the 3rd and 4th week of recovery. Following after surgery instructions from Dr. Marin can go a long way in speeding and making the recovery more efficient. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are the following tips:

  • Wear your compression garments as instructed by Dr. Marin.
  • Take short walks but do not perform any strenuous activity for the first few weeks to ensure healing.
  • Rest and sleep on your back in an inclined position (25-45 degree angle) during the first day until the swelling subsides.
  • Do not take hot showers because this may worsen the swelling that may occur. Submerging in swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and bath tubs are prohibited as well.
  • Eat healthily – eating leafy vegetables and avoiding sodium-laden food to minimize swelling.

As with any surgery, scarring in a body lift procedure is inevitable. The more extensive the surgery is, the more the scars that you will have. Dr. Marin will work his way to make the scars are easily hidden by underwear or clothing. Over time, your scars will diminish and continue to improve.

Your New Look After Body Lift

It may take at least 2-3 months before you fully experience and see your final appearance after body lift. Ultimately, a body lift will give you a look without the drooping skin, excess fat deposits, and weak muscles. You will have an improved figure with firmer and smoother skin.

Additional benefits of this surgery are not just an improvement in your abdomen and waist. The hips and buttock are lifted from behind resulting in a fuller and shapelier buttock once the skin has been tightened. The combination of removal of excess skin and fat in the lower back with the elevation of the butt and hips serve to further enhance the appearance both in and out of clothes.

It is about time to give your body the enhancement it deserves. Consult at Marin Aesthetics to know if you are a good candidate for a body lift with Dr. Vince Marin.




4 – 6 hours


Pain, bleeding, infection, scarring, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, wound healing problems


2 – 3 months





3 – 6 weeks




Inpatient or outpatient with supervised recovery


Pain, swelling, bruising, scarring

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