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san-diego-plastic-surgery-labiaplastyA labiaplasty or “cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation” is a procedure designed to reduce the size and change the shape of the labia minora of a woman’s vagina. The reasons many women choose to undergo this procedure is the fact that they experience pain during intercourse, have noticed changes to the labia after pregnancy and childbirth or just feel that they have larger than desired labia. This can result in many women feeling self-conscious about their appearance or being embarrassed to be in intimate settings. Some women will experience chronic irritation in certain tight fitting clothing and others are merely desiring a “more youthful” appearance to their vagina.

Procedure length

Depending on the degree of tissue excess or complexity of a patient’s anatomy, the procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


The procedure can be performed under either local anesthesia with mild sedation or general anesthesia and typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete depending on the patient’s anatomy. There are many different techniques available to address this issue, all of which Dr. Marin is familiar with; and, the procedure will be tailored to both your anatomy and aesthetic desires.



30 minutes to 1 hour


wound separation, infection, pain


6 weeks to 3 months


Local with sedation or General Anesthesia


1 week, 6 weeks for sexual activity


Results should be permanent, but can change if a patient goes on to have more children.




temporary swelling, bruising

In/out Patient

Labiaplasty surgery is designed to accomplish any and all of the above goals through a minor, outpatient surgical procedure. Patients typically go home the same day and find pain to be very well controlled on oral pain medication. This surgery can help with pain during sex, chronic irritation and also help restore confidence with this area of a woman’s body.


There are few risks associated with labiaplasty surgery. Like any surgery, there are chances for bleeding or infection. There can be specific issues associated with prolonged wound healing due to the nature of the mucosal environment. Occasionally, patients will experience some pain in the recovery process, but this is usually well controlled with oral pain medication. Sensation issues should not be an issue, and, if anything, sexual satisfaction should be improved especially in the women suffering from dyspareunia or painful intercourse.

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Most patients have a “recovery period” for less than one week. After that, patients are not routinely bothered by the incisions and can return to normal daily activities. Soft, comfortable clothing is recommended to reduce irritation to the labia as it heals. Patients can return to certain exercises in the gym within several weeks, but must refrain from sexual activity for 6-8 weeks to allow for sufficient healing.

Side Effects

There are few side effect associated with this procedure. If to much skin is removed from the labia, this can lead to pain or feeling if “tightness” in the area. If the clittoral hood is reduced, some patients have complained about increased sensitivity to the level of discomfort. As a result, this is usually conservatively addressed during the surgical procedure.

Final Appearance

labiaplastyThe entire healing process should be complete by 6 weeks. At this time, patients can return to unrestricted activity including intercourse. Scars tens to be very minimal as the mucosal surfaces heal exceptionally well. Patients are instructed to be extremely careful in the early recovery process as failure to follow instructions can lead to temporary or long term issues associated with the surgery.

Duration of Results

Results after a labiaplasty surgery should be permanent. The changes from a patients original anatomy or post-pregnancy are definitely corrected at thetime of surgery. The procedure, however, does not stop the normal aging process, but will fully correct and preexisting abnormalities. Most patients will only need a labiaplasty once in the life and are exceptionally happy with the results.

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