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Browlift is a cosmetic procedure that targets both the positions and shape of the brows. Its objective is to elevate and reshape fallen or congenitally-low brows with the goal of producing a refreshed and brighter appearance around the eyes. Call our San Diego office today to schedule an appointment and discuss your browlift options with our surgeon Dr. Vincent Marin.

Ideal Candidates for Browlift

The eyes and brows are often viewed together as a single unit. As such, both of them contribute in making your eyes look attractive and youthful. These two anatomic areas may also play a role in making the eye look tired, and give you an angry-looking appearance to some extent. This may be congenital, meaning that the patient was born with this brow shape, or it may be acquired with age.

The best candidates for a browlift are those who are unsatisfied with how their eye, brows, and forehead look in general. Healthy individuals with no life-threatening medical condition or diseases are also good candidates. The typical age range of browlift patients are 40-60 years old, but it can also be suited for individuals of any age who have developed furrows or frown lines.They should also have the following:

  • Low brow position
  • “Heavy” and tired-looking upper eyelidOblique view of Browlift surgery result San Diego
  • Eye and brow combo that gives the
    unhappy or angry appearance
  • Realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery




1 – 2 hours


Pain, bleeding, infection, incomplete improvement, nerve damage (rare)


1 – 2 months for swelling to completely resolve


General anesthesia


Back to work w/ makeup: 1-2 weeks
Strenuous activities: 3-4 weeks


About 5 – 10 years depending on which technique is used




Temporary swelling, bruising, mild pain

Browlift Goals

An attractive and youthful brow is defined not just by the height of the brow, but also by its shape and position. Models in fashion magazines can have a low position of the medial brow (towards the nose), but still look good if the brow gradually arches as it progresses to the side of the face. Thus, our goal is to open the eye and improve the shape and position of the brow itself. This combination will lead to an open, attractive, and youthful upper lid.

Merely elevating the brow without the concern for shape can result in an over-elevation or a higher brow but not necessarily one that is attractive. Dr. Marin is happy to demonstrate this on you during a consultation to ensure that both of you are in agreement with regards to the surgical goal and outcome.

Browlift TechniquesFront view of Browlift surgery result San Diego

There are several surgical techniques commonly used to elevate and reshape the brow: endoscopic, coronal, and hairline approaches.

  • Endoscopic Technique

    The endoscopic technique employs several, small incisions hidden in the hairline to access the appropriate surgical areas. A small camera is used to visualize the anatomy and release the brow ligaments and visualize the removal of muscles if needed. This technique is particularly suited to a younger brow lift patient who needs a smaller lift and reshaping of the brow.

  • Coronal Technique

    A coronal approach is the strongest and most effective approach to elevate the brow. It uses an incision across the top of the head – from ear to ear. This technique provides for complete visualization and strong fixation to ensure a long-lasting result. The incision is longer, but it is very well hidden in the hair that even most hairdressers would notice. One limitation with a coronal approach is that the hairline can be elevated in addition to the brows. Should this pose as an issue, a hairline approach is often the best choice.

  • Hairline Approach

    Hairline browlift surgery is an effective alternative to a coronal approach where the hairline needs to be either maintained or lowered. The coronal approach can be quite difficult for individual with a particularly high forehead. This can be better handled using the hairline approach. In this technique, an incision is made along the hairline to elevate the brow and to address the frown muscles without moving the hairline. Each of the techniques carries relatively similar risks. The appropriate choice of technique is based upon your unique anatomy, your needs, and your aesthetic goals.

Undergoing Browlift Surgery

Regardless of the technique you choose, you may expect a browlift surgery to last for about 1-2 hours. Most browlift techniques are outpatient surgeries performed under general anesthesia. Marin Aesthetics ensures our patient’s safety by having a board-certified anesthesiologist for every procedure.

Your browlift procedure is based on the type of technique you chose as approved by Dr. Marin before surgery. Using an endoscopic tube allows you to have fewer and shorter scars compared to the coronal technique. Dr. Marin will then close these incisions using removable sutures.

After Your Browlift

Browlift patients often experience some swelling, mild bruising, and some degree of numbness in the brow region after the surgery. This is almost always temporary and controlled by the pain medications that Dr. Marin will prescribe. Also, pain is limited and more traditionally described as a headache rather than typical surgical discomfort.

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Recovery and Scarring

Your recovery depends on the type of technique used in your browlift surgery. Since most of the incisions in browlifts are placed in the hairline, they can be easily hidden. Consequently, this allows a patient to return to work immediately. A patient may resume working just a week or two after a browlift. Scarring also depends on the type of browlift performed.

The quality and speed of recovery is dependent on how strict you are in following postoperative care instructions by Dr. Marin. These include the following:

  • Do not lift heavy things or perform strenuous exercise or activities for the first few weeks.
  • Keep your head elevated with pillows for two days after a browlift to minimize swelling and bruising.
  • Do not take any medications unless stated by Dr. Marin. Certain medications such as aspirin may affect and delay healing.

Your New Look After Browlift

After your surgery, you may notice the results immediately, but the final appearance usually settles within 6-8 weeks.

Browlifts are wonderful surgeries to restore or reshape a fallen brow – resulting in a more relaxed and rested appearance to the upper face and eyes. Instead of being mistaken as someone who is tired or angry, browlift patients enjoy the surgical benefits by having a happy, open face.

If you think browlift is for you, contact our office in La Jolla to consult and discuss with Dr. Marin.

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