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Improve Facial Proportion with Chin Augmentation

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Chin implant surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is an effective operation designed to treat weak or unbalanced chins. Occasionally, this problem is related to the shape or size of the jaw, and the appropriate correction is related to altering the bones themselves. Nonetheless, in most cases, this can be solved by the insertion of a solid silicone implant to overlie the bone. San Diego chin augmentation surgeon Vincent Marin can place an implant to help balance the face as well as the nose. If you are after a chin augmentation that is subtle but still effective, contact our La Jolla office and have a consultation today.

Ideal Candidates for Chin Augmentation

Side view of Chin Augmentation result San Diego

Most of the time, our chin augmentation patients do not seem to have a problem when looked at from the front, but they may still be uncomfortable having their photo taken from the side or profile. Under these conditions, a small implant can be placed over the bone to balance and “strengthen” the lower face. Facial imaging software can be helpful in determining the perfect size of implant and help patients feel comfortable about their decision to undergo chin implant surgery.

The best candidates for chin augmentation are those who have:

  • Fully functioning jaw and teeth
  • Insufficient projection of the lower 1/3 of the face
  • Mildly or receding weak chin
  • Recessed, pointed or squared chin
  • Well-functioning immune system
  • Unbalanced facial features
  • A healthy body with no serious medical condition
  • Realistic expectations about the procedure and its outcome




1 – 2 hours

Anesthesia: General anesthesia (occasionally local anesthetic with IV sedation)


Pain, bleeding, infection, rare damage to nerves, incomplete improvement


2 – 3 months for swelling to completely resolve


Back to work with makeup: 1 – 2 weeks

More strenuous activity: 2 – 3 weeks


About 5 – 10 years depending on which technique is used




Temporary swelling, bruising and some pain.

Types of Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation can be done either through intraoral incision or submental incision. Intraoral incision is where the operation site will be through the inside of your mouth. For some surgeons like Dr. Marin, this incision can be quite difficult to handle for some patients because of the possible infection caused by bacteria that may occur. On the other hand, submental incision is where the short cut is placed under the chin. While there may be scarring, it is only minimal and often unnoticeable.

There are two most common types of chin augmentation: solid implants and injectable fillers. Both types have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Solid implants

    This type of implant is synthetic, usually solid silicone. It is flexible, rubbery and widely used in the field of plastic surgery and medicine. Unlike breast implants, solid silicone implants do not leak or rupture. Other surgeons may fix the chin using pieces of cartilage and bone from other parts of the body. The downside of this is that it may pose a higher risk of infection because there will be two parts of the body to be operated on instead of one.

  • Injectable Fillers

    Another type of chin augmentation is through the use of injectable fillers. The most popular injectable fillers are collagen, hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). These fillers may last for a few months before the body absorbs them naturally, so you may have to visit your doctor again if you want to have lasting results. PMMA injections, on the other hand, are permanent, but it cannot be easily removed if the outcome leaves you unsatisfied.

Undergoing Chin Augmentation

In general, a chin augmentation may take 1-2 hours. It is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia under the supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Dr. Marin will choose the right implant shape and size that will best fit your facial appearance as well as your aesthetic goals. The soft implant will be inserted through a small incision. The incision will be placed underneath the chin, as preferred by Dr. Marin. Insertion through the mouth may increase the incidence of an infection because of the number of bacteria present. Once the implant is in its proper position, it will be sutured into place, and the incisions will be closed.

After Your Chin Augmentation

Since it may take a while before your anesthesia wears off completely, it is best for you to have someone drive and accompany you home. At first, you may feel numbness in your lips. You will also experience some mild pain and swelling in the chin and jaw for a few days after the procedure. You may find it a bit difficult to smile and talk and you may feel a tight sensation around the operated area. These are common and will eventually go away after a few days.

After one week, the sutures are removed and our chin augmentation patients are able to return to normal activities. After completing the process, most patients wonder why it took them so long to make the decision to improve their facial balance and feel comfortable having a photo taken from any angle. Mentoplasty surgery is frequently combined with rhinoplasty surgery as both of these procedures work well in producing a balanced and harmonious facial shape

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Recovery and Scarring

Oblique view of Chin Augmentation result San Diego

The recovery period for chin augmentation patients is relatively shorter in comparison to other plastic surgery procedures. You may be able to return to work in just a week after the surgery. To be able to recover well and fast, you should strictly follow Dr. Marin’s postoperative care and instructions. Here are some reminders to be mindful of:

  • Refrain from doing heavy physical activities like vigorous exercise for a long period of time.
  • For the first few days, have a liquid and soft diet with foods rich in protein and vitamins to boost your immune system. You may need to drink meal-replacement shakes to avoid vigorous chewing.
  • Use cold compress and wear compression bandages for a faster healing.
  • Change bandages regularly (as Dr. Marin instructed) to keep your wounds from being infected.
  • Avoid contact sports, games played with a ball, or any activity requiring helmets and chinstraps for at least a month.

Even though the incisions are placed under the chin, the scarring for this procedure is very minimal. For most cases, chin augmentation scarring is almost imperceptible.

Your New Look After Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is designed to either look subtle or dramatic depending on the desires of the patient. Aside from the augmentation that will occur, this procedure gives you a more aesthetically-pleasing face by balancing your chin with your other facial features.

It can also detract people from noticing some features you may consider as flaws. For instance, an impression of having a large now can be toned down with a natural-looking and beautiful chin. The procedure adds definition to your jaw, and at the same time, balances the look of your nose.

The results of a chin augmentation procedure are permanent under normal circumstances. It may take a short while before the swelling of the operated area subsides, so the full outcome of your procedure may not be apparent until after several weeks. However, once it does, you may be able to enjoy a stronger jaw line, a more beautiful chin, and overall balanced facial features.

If you are considering having a chin augmentation, consult at Marin Aesthetics with Dr. Marin to get the new look you are aiming for.

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