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JUVÉDERM is a FDA approved, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid (HA) soft tissue filler for the treatment of facial wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring substance that provides the volume beneath your skin. HAs are placed underneath the wrinkle or fold and acts to supplement your existing HA that normally depletes with age. These products smooth and soften facial lines and wrinkles, producing a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

How Does JUVÉDERM Work?

JUVÉDERM is a transparent gel that is injected into the deeper tissues of the face, immediately beneath the skin. The product is popular among our San Diego JUVÉDERM patients because it adds immediate volume to the treatment area and the product will slowly absorb water increasing the overall volume. This does not cause your body to react and will be progressively absorbed over the course of six to nine months.

JUVÉDERM is available in three separate formulations, JUVÉDERM Ultra, JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus, and JUVÉDERM XC. JUVÉDERM Ultra is a formulation designed to be smooth and imperceptible to the touch while providing increased volume. JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus has the same base formulation as JUVÉDERM Ultra with additional cross-linking making it more difficult for the body to break down, and thus produces an even longer lasting result. Finally, and only introduced in 2010, JUVÉDERM XC is the above formulation with the anesthetic lidocaine built in. This provides for an even easier administration of the product as your nerves are quieted during the administration of the JUVÉDERM.

One of the most significant benefits of JUVÉDERM is that it is one of the softest products available today. This makes your result completely natural yet effective in making aesthetic enhancements in your facial appearance. JUVÉDERM traditionally lasts from six to nine months and up to one year with the more cross-linking.

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Thank you so much for both the care you gave me as your patient, as well as trying to understand my concerns... I really appreciate the time you spent with me. ~ BW, Dallas, TX
Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of my sweet mom! She felt so at ease with you performing the surgery. ~ KW, New York, NY
Dr. Marin put me at such ease during the consultation that I knew it was worth it to take the trip to California to have him perform my surgeries and I am so thankful that I found this amazing doctor
Dr. Marin is true to his word on making me happy with my results
After my near 3 hour consultation, I knew that I had to look no further. Dr. Marin and all other staff were attentive, informative, and really made me feel safe and secure
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JUVÉDERM is well tolerated and the recovery is quite mild. Our JUVÉDERM patients will have some numbness in the treatment areas depending upon what type of anesthetic is used. We anticipate that there will be mild swelling and occasional bruising around the areas treated with the hyaluronic acid. Swelling and some firmness in the tissues will persist for 48 – 72 hours, but this will resolve. Most bruising is easily concealed with make-up and many patients have no bruising at all.




30 minutes


Bruising, incomplete correction


2 – 3 days


Local or topical anesthesia


Back to work: immediate

More strenuous activity: 1 -2 days


6 months or longer depending upon which product is used




Possible bruising

JUVÉDERM Side Effects

JUVÉDERM side effects are rare and the product is very well tolerated. When side effects occur, they are more commonly redness and tenderness at the injection site, limited bruising, lumps or firmness in or around the treatment area. Nearly all of these are self-limiting and will improve with time. With any hyaluronic acid filler, there is a product (hyaluonidase) that we can inject to make the product disappear within an hour if the results are not what you desire.

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