Repair of Synmastia and Breast Implants in San Diego

Synmastia is a condition where a patient’s breast implant crosses the midline of the chest resulting in  the loss of the distinct cleavage area. The skin is often lifted up from the breast bone (sternum) which is normally firmly attached. This can result in a very unnatural appearance and something that is particularly troublesome for most patients when it occurs.  Many patients refer to this as a “Uni-boob.”


The surgical correction of his problem is very difficult. This can be approached in several  different ways by attempting to close down the space in the midline to help separate the implants on each side creating a more natural appearance. This can be done by tightening the capsule commonly known as a capsulorrhaphy. This technique is largely dependent upon the patient’s healing and tissue. More often than not, the implants are too large for the patient’s frame or there was over-aggressive dissection during a previous procedure. Keeping the attachments of the patient’s pectoralis muscle is of paramount importance to prevent the complication from happening.

The correction of this involves the re-attaching of the skin to the covering of the breast bone, or moving the implant to a different location (above or below the muscle) to help re-establish the new position of the breast implant on the chest. Recently, Allergan developed a product called SERI surgical scaffold which is a silk “hammock” that can help to reinforce a surgical repair leading to more predictable results. Especially, if a patient has had problems with the quality of their skin.

San Diego Breast Implant Revision
Post-op 4 months

Frequently, a patient will be required to wear a compression garment in the center of their chest – commonly a “thong bra.” This helps to encourage the surgically reattached tissue to adhere to the underlying breast bone. Recovery from this surgery frequently takes 4-6 weeks to ensure the tissues are fully healed.

Synmastia Correction Del Mar
Correction of Cleavage Zone

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