Rhinoplasty for Men

Many people think that cosmetic surgery is just for women. In fact, 9 percent of cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States in 2012 were done on male patients. This represented 1.3 million procedures, which was up by 5 percent from 2011. Interestingly, although women made up 91 percent of all cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States for 2012, the growth rate from 2011 was also 5 percent. However you look at it, there is no question that the number of men opting for cosmetic surgery is growing at a fast pace. Furthermore, it may be surprising that the most popular cosmetic surgery for men is a rhinoplasty (nose job). In 2012, 62,000 men underwent rhinoplasties, which represented a 1 percent increase from 2011.

Why Do Men Undergo Rhinoplasty Procedures?

Despite what many people may think, men often want rhinoplasty for the same reasons as women. They want to improve the look of their nose. This may involve removing any humps on the nose or correcting for a droopy nasal tip. It may also include correcting a flat or bulbous nasal tip. Men who have nasal deformities may also have functional difficulties, including excessive snoring or difficulty breathing. A correction to the nose can often alleviate these problems. Finally, men may have suffered an injury, such as a broken nose.

How Do Male Noses Differ from Female Noses?

While it is true that each patient’s nose is unique, there are some general differences between the shape of the male nose and the shape of the female nose. These differences may have some bearing on which rhinoplasty technique the cosmetic surgeon chooses.

In general, men will have a more prominent, wider, and sharper nasal length, or dorsum, than will women. By comparison, the goal for women is to create a narrower, softer dorsum.

The nasal tip should also look different on men than on women. An aesthetically pleasing female nose will be slightly turned upward. The nasal tip for men should not have that upward turn, or rotation.

Another difference is the overall width of the nose. Female rhinoplasty patients often request a narrower nose when viewed from the front. This is not recommended for male patients. In fact, one certain giveaway of a man having had a rhinoplasty is if the sides of the nose appear hollowed out when viewed from the front. It is the sign of a cosmetic surgeon who narrowed the nose too much.

The aesthetically pleasing female nose will be perfectly straight, with no bumps or deformities. On the other hand, the male nose can have a certain amount of deformity in order to keep in balance with the rest of the facial features.

Dr. Marin has many years of training and experience in understanding the differences between the most aesthetically pleasing male nose and the most aesthetically pleasing female nose. He can help men have a nose that properly fits the rest of the facial features.

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