Tubular Breast Deformities

Tubular Breast DeformitiesThe goal of breast augmentation surgery in patients with tubular breasts is to produce a normal breast shape by releasing banding at the base of the breasts, creating a larger and more rounded breast envelope, and reducing the size of the areola and nipple. San Diego breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Vincent Marin has experience performing this type of surgery, and he has achieved excellent results for patients who have tubular breast deformities. If you suffer from this condition, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Marin Aesthetics to find out if you are a good candidate for breast surgery.

Tubular Breast Surgery Candidates

Dr. Marin has treated patients with mild to severe tubular breast deformities. Common characteristics of the condition include:

  • A high breast fold
  • Narrow base diameter
  • Breasts that have an elongated, tube-like breast shape
  • Droopy breasts or nipples that point downward
  • Minimal amount of breast tissue
  • A wide space between the breasts
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Large areolas
  • Protruding nipples

Tubular Breast Surgery Techniques

Breast augmentation cases for patients with tubular breast deformities are more complicated than regular cases; reconstructive techniques may be required to release any constrictions on the lower half of the breasts, spread out the breast tissue, and reshape the breasts to a more pleasing aesthetic. For some patients, mastopexy techniques should be performed to further reshape the breasts and address the appearance of the areolas and nipples.

Breast surgery on tubular breasts may involve:

  • Internal incisions to release banded or constricted breast tissue; this will allow Dr. Marin to create a larger breast envelope and prevent or minimize the double-bubble effect that can occur after breast implants are placed in patients with tuberous breast deformities
  • Lowering the crease of the breast to create a larger envelope for the breast tissue and/or implant
  • Widening the breast crease to correct a narrow base diameter
  • Use of a tissue expander expand the breast envelope
  • Placement of breast implants to increase the size and shape of the breasts
  • Breast lift surgery to correct a long skin envelope, treat ptosis, and reduce the size and projection of the nipples and areolas

Tubular Breast Surgery Results

In cases of mild tubular breast deformities, Dr. Marin is able to achieve excellent outcomes and produce breasts that look normal. Patients with significant tubular breast deformities can expect an improved aesthetic, though it may take more time for the final outcome to become apparent. For example, patients with a high breast fold may notice a visible crease in the breast that results in a double bubble appearance. Patients should wait at least six months for any visible creases on the breasts to resolve.

Tubular breast deformities can be a big source of body image issues in patients. Dr. Marin understands how tubular breasts can diminish a patient’s self esteem and overall quality of life. After an in-office examination, Dr. Marin can formulate a treatment plan to improve the shape of the breasts and appearance of the areolas and nipples. Contact Marin Aesthetics in San Diego today to schedule your breast surgery consultation with Dr. Marin.

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