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Dr. Marin performs breast reduction in San Diego.Large or ‘hypertrophic’ breasts leave women susceptible to a number of physical issues such as neck and back pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, and chronic skin irritation. As one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in San Diego, California, Dr. Vincent Marin can address these problems with a breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), which is the surgical removal of excess breast tissue and skin.

Dr. Marin has successfully performed hundreds of successful breast reductions throughout his career and also offers revision surgery to women who are not satisfied with the result of their initial procedure.

Cost & Financing

In San Diego, breast reduction costs between $6,500 – $13,000. The final price can depend on:

  • The location of your surgical procedure and other miscellaneous medical expenses
  • The incision and specific restoration techniques used
  • The amount of skin and fat to be removed from your breast

Marin Aesthetics accepts cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. Unfortunately, most insurance providers may not cover breast reduction surgery costs unless the procedure is medically necessary. We provide financial assistance to our patients through Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit.

Techniques & Recovery

Dr. Vincent Marin utilizes different techniques for individual patients to achieve the best results from breast reduction surgery.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction with liposuction is ideal for younger women with good skin elasticity who wish to reduce their cup size by at most one to two cup sizes.

Recovery: Scars are very small and easily concealed. You should be able to return to work and resume normal activities (driving, chores, light exercise) in about 1 week. Your breasts will remain swollen for 2 – 6 weeks. Final results settle within 3 months.

Vertical or “Lollipop”

The “lollipop” reduction limits scarring and are well suited for women who may not have strong skin elasticity or suffer from breast ptosis. This approach is often necessary for women who require a modest reduction in their breast size. Liposuction is still used to take away fat from the side and refine the lateral breast. An incision is made around the nipple and then extended vertically down towards the breast fold. The lower breast tissue is removed, and the resulting scar is shaped like a lollipop.

Recovery: The length of the recovery period depends on the size of your breasts and the amount of tissue removed. Most patients can return to work after 1 – 2 weeks. It can take up to 6 weeks for scars to be fully healed. Final results will take about 1 year to mature and will continue to improve over the years.

Inverted T or “Anchor”

The incision type results in both a vertical line and an “anchor” shape that runs under the breast at the breast crease. An anchor breast reduction provides Dr. Marin with the greatest degree of flexibility during surgery as it allows for the most significant reduction in combination with a breast lift.

Recovery: Final results yield breasts that are significantly smaller, lifted, and more youthful. Due to the extended incision, it will take up to 2 weeks before you can return to work and normal activities. Final results can be seen after 3 – 6 months.

Before & During the Surgery

  • Anesthesia
    Breast reduction can be done with either local or general anesthesia. Vertical and inverted techniques will require general anesthesia as well as additional numbing fluids on the breasts.
  • Your Team
    An ASMG Scripps Memorial La Jolla board-certified anesthesiologist will be responsible for your anesthesia. Meanwhile, a licensed RN who will serve as a circulating nurse. Finally, an experienced Scrub Tech will assist Dr. Marin throughout the operation.
  • Surgery Time
    It takes about 2 – 4 hours to perform a reduction mammoplasty, depending on the complexity of the technique being used. Surgery will continue until Dr. Marin deems that your desired result has been achieved.

Are you interested in learning more about breast reduction? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Marin now to best prepare for your procedure.




2 – 4 hours


Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, recurrence, nipple sensation changes, incomplete correction


2 – 3 months for swelling to completely resolve


General or local with sedation


Back to work: 1 – 2 week
Strenuous activities: 3 – 4 weeks


The permanent reduction depends on skin elasticity and quality.




Temporary swelling, mild bruising, and some pain.

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Caring for Your New Breasts

Breast reduction surgery is done on an outpatient basis, and you may return home as soon as Dr. Marin has cleared you.

It is highly recommended to avoid showering for at 24 – 48 hours. Dr. Marin also requires the use of a surgical bra for 3 – 6 weeks after the operation. It is recommended to use only sports bras after this period, for up to 3 months. This ensures that the shape of the breasts will settle as expected with the least amount of irritation to the incisions.

Driving may resume after 1 – 2 weeks or as soon as it is no longer painful to wear a seatbelt. You may also begin light exercises and chores at this time. After 6 weeks, you may resume heavier physical exercises, grocery shopping, and other strenuous activities.

Additional follow-up visits must be scheduled for the next several weeks to months to ensure you recover with minimal complications. Stitches should dissolve, and any that do not must be removed by Dr. Marin.

Scars will fade over time and are easily concealed in most clothing.


"After researching consulting many doctors in three different states I opted to go with Dr Marin because he was the only doctor that not only offered his professional opinions but truly considered my personal concerns expectations He knows what hes doing he truly cares about his patients I..."
"I cant say enough amazing things about Dr Marin and his incredible staff I had a consultation at a different place a year prior and thought it went well until I met Dr Marin and was completely blown away They care so much and I felt so comfortable and confident There is no other place I will e..."
"I could not be more pleased with not only my results but Dr Marin and his whole staff My overall experience has been amazing I would do it all over again My only regret is not having had the courage to do it sooner I spent a year pondering on whether or not plastic surgery was for me A whole y..."
"Doctor Marin and his staff have been outstanding They have been excellent throughout my initial consultation surgery and post op I can not express how grateful I am to Dr Marin His surgical skills have changed my life Im 2 weeks post op already my results are incredible I had severe deformit..."
"Dr Marin and his staff were absolutely amazing A lot to be said about a doctor and staff that take the extra time to make you feel like more than just a number Dr Marin himself is a very well educated man that is an expert in every service he has to offer It is very evident that he does not cut..."

The Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who:

  • Are in good health
  • Are within their ideal body weight with excessively large breasts
  • Experience a premature “droop” to their breasts
  • Experience sagging and/or asymmetrical breasts
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Have ceased smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery

Your New Look After Breast Reduction

Once final results have settled, your new breast size will continue to stay the same unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight. Most women who undergo this plastic surgery procedure feel fantastic about the size of their new breasts. They find it easier to wear well-fitting clothes and enjoy dressing up far more than before.

Back, shoulder, and neck pain is also reduced due to the weight removed from the breasts, allowing women to engage in more physical activities and exercise. Patients also report healthier back posture and decreased spine problems due to the newfound balance that comes with having smaller breasts.

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*The images and content provided on this website are developed to educate the public on the procedures offered at Marin Aesthetics. Individual results vary per patient. To assess your candidacy per procedure, we strongly recommend scheduling a formal consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vincent Marin.

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We will be offering new patient virtual consultations online and via Skype that can be scheduled through our website or by emailing Also, we will offer follow-up appointments in the same manner to help manage our patients’ concerns while still respecting the need for social distancing.

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