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I always knew I would be a surgeon. Plastic Surgery attracted me because it’s one of the few specialties that is as intriguing as it is complex. A heightened level of skill is required to be a great plastic surgeon. When you consider your final results are impossible to hide, doing it well becomes the ultimate challenge. Cosmetic enhancement offers a certain degree of artistic freedom and interpretation. And that makes my profession one of the most satisfying I can imagine.

About Dr. Marin

Dr. Vincent Marin is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, California. As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Marin specializes in the expert cosmetic enhancement and restoration of the body, breast, face, and nose.

Dr. Marin’s extensive experience with secondary (revision) rhinoplasty and breast implant revision surgery has made him a leading authority in two of the most challenging operations in plastic surgery.

Dr. Marin at work
Dr. Marin During Surgery

Early Life & Education

Dr. Marin was raised in San Diego, California. He participated in numerous sports during his youth, and as a student at Cathedral Catholic High School back when it was known as “Uni”. He graduated with honors from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Anthropology. Dr. Marin went on to attain his Medical Degree from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.

Residency & Fellowship

Dr. Marin finished his internship at the esteemed Baylor College of Medicine’s Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery, where he would also complete his integrated Plastic Surgery residency. Plastic Surgery has been and continues to be one of the most challenging residencies to obtain, and Dr. Marin was fortunate to be selected at his first choice. His exceptional training provided him unparalleled surgical training at the largest medical center in the world – The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. He was also given the opportunity to learn from the world’s experts in complex reconstructive surgery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Personal Life

Away from the clinic, Dr. Marin enjoys surfing and traveling with his family.

Magazines & TV Features

Dr. Marin continues to serve as a regular fixture on Fox 5 San Diego’s Morning News, a position he’s held for almost a decade. In addition, Dr. Vincent Marin has been featured many times in print and television.

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SD Mag Bestof
SD Mag Neigborhood
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Aesthetic Inside
Aesthetic Heidi Montag

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Medical Career & Certifications

As a former clinical instructor, Dr. Marin has held leading positions in numerous clinics and hospitals in Texas and California, including:

  • Teaching Faculty, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
  • Teaching Faculty, Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium
  • Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, CA
  • Texas Institute for Surgery at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
  • North Central Surgery Center, Dallas, TX

Awards & Recognition

Best of 2018 La Jolla

La Jolla Best

Awarded as the 2018 Best of La Jolla Awards in Plastic Surgery. The distinction acknowledges the best businesses in the community.

RealSelf Top Contributor

RealSelf Top Contributors

It is an award given to an exclusive group of doctors that continue to dedicate their time to answering user questions. These surgeons are open about their level of service and urge patients to post honest reviews and ratings.

Realself Top 100 Doctor | Marin Aesthetics

RealSelf “Top Doctor”

It is a highly regarded and internationally recognized status that is awarded to surgeons who have made a number of remarkable contributions to the digital community. Click here to read the full blog post!

Marin Aesthetics Real Self 500 2015

Real Self 500 2016

Practitioners awarded the Annual RealSelf 500 list are recognized for providing invaluable insight and expertise online.

Marin Aesthetics Real Self 500 2015

Real Self 500 2015

Practitioners awarded the Annual RealSelf 500 list are recognized for providing invaluable insight and expertise online.

Best of 2018 La Jolla

San Diego’s Best

Nominated for the “2010 Best Cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego” by the readers of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

  • Former President of the San Diego Plastic Surgery Society
  • First Place Basic Science Papers – Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Serum cotinine as a predictor of flap complications in head and neck reconstruction”, September 2004
  • First Place Clinical Papers – Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Macrovascular applications of microvascular techniques to adult and pediatric vascular injuries”, September 2003

Academic Success

Dr. Vincent Marin is also an accomplished researcher with multiple papers and scientific studies under his name at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baylor College of Medicine and with the world-famous rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Jack Gunter.

In addition, he has presented his research at multiple symposiums in Texas and New York to share presentations regarding improvements in the field of rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Marin has penned numerous book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals, including:

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Lower Lateral Turnover Flap in Open Rhinoplasty
    • Janis JE, Trussler A, Ghavami A, Marin VP, Rohrich R, Gunter JP
    • Jun 123(6): 1830-41, 2009
  • Harvesting Rib Cartilage Grafts for Secondary Rhinoplasty
    • Marin VP, Landecker A, Gunter JP
    • Apr 121(4): 1442-8, 2008
  • Serum Cotinine and Wound Complications in Head and Neck Reconstruction
    • Marin VP, Landecker A, Gunter JP
    • Apr 121(4): 1442-8, 2008
  • Serum Cotinine and Wound Complications in Head and Neck Reconstruction
    • Marin VP, Pytynia KB, Langstein HN, Dahlstrom KR, Wei O, Sturgis EM
    • Feb 121(2): 451-7, 2008
  • Palatal distraction in a Canine Cleft Palate Model
    • Ascherman JA, Marin VP, Rogers L, Prisant N
    • Apr (Pt. 2) 105: 1687-94, 2000
  • Cranial Reossification with Absorbable Plates
    • Ascherman JA, Knowles S, Marin VP, Prisant N, Hu G, Chiu DTW
    • Mar 107: 763-8, 2001

Seminars in Plastic Surgery

Seminars in Plastic Surgery

  • Dorsal Augmentation with Autogenous Rib Cartilage
    • Gunter JP, Cochran CS, Marin VP
    • May Vol. 22: 74-89, 2008

Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology

Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology

  • A Systematic Approach to Open Rhinoplasty
    • Cochran CS, Marin VP
    • Sept 18 (3): 166‐71, 2007

Head & Neck

Head & Neck

  • Isolated Cervical Esophageal Reconstruction for Rare Esophageal Tumors
    • Marin VP, Yu P, Weber RS
    • Jul 28(9): 856-60, 2006

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