Does Bella Hadid Have the Perfect Female Nose? [Infographic]

Bella Hadid, the sister of model Gigi, is rapidly becoming a style icon herself. She recently became a Victoria Secret Angel and recently walked in their annual Holiday Lingerie runway event.

The Hadid sisters have both become fixtures in the epicenter of both style and fashion. Bella, living up to her name, is quite the beauty and has a unique profile in having one of the most aesthetically balanced and feminine noses. This is likely a result of great genes and a little good luck, but she wears it well.

From the side, her nose begins at the ideal point somewhere between the upper lid and lash line, with the bridge being smooth and straight. She has a near ideal bridge to tip relationship with the bridge being 1-2 mm behind the tip allowing for a very slight up-turn to the nose. Her tip is well balanced in both projection (sticking out from the face), and rotation (upward angle). Finally, also possesses a good balance between her columella (The tissue that links the nasal tip to the nasal base, and separates the nares) and nostril rim with a 1-2 mm “show” of her columella from the side – again the “ideal” balance.

So, is Bella Hadid the “perfect” beauty? Well, this is up for interpretation, but her nose has some of the most balanced and ideal proportions in Hollywood.

Check out the infographic below to see Bella’s perfect female nose for yourself.


If you aren’t fortunate to have been born as “ideal” as Bella, there are options to help improve the shape and balance of a nose to better your facial proportions and balance. If you are interested in rhinoplasty or to see if it is right for you, contact Dr. Vincent Marin in La Jolla to schedule an in-person consultation.


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