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Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognized faces in the world and a beauty icon to many women. She is mobbed in every country in the world and has changed how we look at beauty in the 21st century. She has admitted to dabbling in plastic surgery procedures in the past but denied ever “going under the knife.” I’m not sure I can agree with the changes she has been able to produce of the past 10 years are from “diet, exercise and genetics.”


When analyzing her face, it is clear she is a regular consumer of Botox and filler. Her smile lines have almost disappeared and this is likely from fat grafting or fillers. In addition, she has likely had a brow lift and most notably a rhinoplasty to help narrow and lift the nose. The bridge is more refined, straighter and the tip slightly elevated. None of this would happen without surgery.

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Her body changes are significantly more dramatic than her face. Despite famously having an x-ray to “prove” she didn’t have butt implants, this would not rule out a Brazilian Butt Lift where liposuction is performed (likely on her lower back and waist) and then transferred to her buttocks. This helps create a larger and lifted appearance to the butt. It is possible that she has undergone a conservative breast augmentation as well to improve the volume of her breasts.


Make sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon if you are considering any surgical procedures to the face or body. Kanye West’s mother was not immune to problems despite her son’s fame and surgery, of any kind, should be taken seriously.

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