Neck Lift Surgery

San Diego Neck Lift SurgeryWhen it comes to the signs of aging, it seems that no area of the body is immune from the dreaded skin wrinkling and laxity that develops during middle age and the senior years. Loose skin on the face and neck can make men and women so unhappy with their appearance that it begins to seriously affect their quality of life. When the neck loses its refined contour and the skin begins to droop, neck lift surgery or other cosmetic treatments may be used to restore its youthful appearance. San Diego neck lift surgeon Vincent Marin performs the treatment on patients from La Jolla, Del Mar, Oceanside, and surrounding areas. Neck lift surgery is often combined with facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery.

Treatments for the Neck

For patients with severe skin laxity and loosened muscles, neck lift surgery is the most appropriate solution. However, patients that still have good skin elasticity may be better suited to liposuction of the chin and neck, laser skin resurfacing, or the use of injectables to smooth the skin on the neck.

Neck Lift Surgery

For most of our San Diego patients, neck lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, and lasts for about two to three hours. Once you are sedated, Dr. Marin will create an incision under the chin and/or around the ears. Dr. Marin can then access and tighten the neck muscles, and remove excess skin and tissue. Next, the skin is redraped to produce a smooth and elegant contour. Finally, the incisions are closed.

Neck Lift Recovery

Our San Diego neck lift surgery patients should plan to take about two weeks to recover from surgery. For the first few days, patients may have to wear a drain, which collects excess fluid at the site of the incision. During this time, it is common to experience discomfort, swelling, and bruising. About a week after surgery, patients should return to Dr. Marin’s office for a follow up appointment.

Patients may feel well enough to return to non-strenuous activities the second week after surgery. However, it is important to not overexert yourself and stay out of the sun for a few weeks after surgery. About four to six weeks after surgery, most of the swelling and side effects have dissipated, and patients can begin to enjoy the results of their neck lift procedure.

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