Revision Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Cosmetic surgery must walk a fine line between enhancing the person’s appearance and not looking as if any significant work was done. Although this rule is generally true for almost any area of the body that is enhanced or re-shaped by cosmetic surgery, it is probably most important for any cosmetic work done on the face. There are at least 43 identified muscles of the face, all of which are intricately involved in functions such as opening and closing the mouth and eyelids, yawning, and creating facial expressions. Any surgical change made to the structure or function of these muscles can have devastating effects if not done with a delicate, subtle touch.

An eyebrow lift procedure is a very good example of the sort of cosmetic procedure that, if done properly, can remove frown lines and wrinkles of the forehead and make the patient look more alert and refreshed. However, if done incorrectly, it can leave the patient with an artificial, startled appearance. Dr. Vincent Marin specializes in eyebrow lift revision surgery to correct problems from the initial surgery.

Eyebrow Lift Procedure

An eyebrow lift procedure specifically focuses on tightening the skin on the upper third of the face, from the brow line up to the hairline. Incisions are made from just in front of the hairline in line with one eyebrow, over to the other side of the face, level with the other eyebrow. The skin and underlying tissue and muscle structures are then lifted away, tightened, and then sutured back into place. Excess is then trimmed off.

Reasons for a Revision Eyebrow Lift Procedure

There are a number of reasons that patients may opt for a revision eyebrow lift procedure. However, the most common reason for revision surgery is if not enough skin, tissue, and muscle was removed in the initial procedure. The result is that there is no discernable difference from before the procedure. It is very easy for Dr. Marin to go back in, possibly along the same suture line, and tighten up the skin even more.

The opposite problem, in which too much is removed, is also quite common. It can lead to the startled appearance with unnaturally high eyebrows. This problem will be much more noticeable on women than on men, due to women’s more delicate facial features. Correcting for this is somewhat more involved than if not enough excess was removed. A suture is made along the hairline. A portion of the scalp with hair is then freed and repositioned further forward to place the brows at a more natural position on the face.

The overall goals for any revision cosmetic surgical procedure is to correct for the problems from the initial surgery and provide the patient the look they had initially wanted. This can be done effectively, even for delicate procedures such as an eyebrow lift. Dr. Marin will work with patients to discuss why they are unhappy with their first procedure, their expectations and goals from a revision procedure, and the most realistic way to achieve those goals.

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