Types of Breast Implant Malposition

A possible risk of the breast augmentation is malposition of the breast implants. This may be noticeable immedicately after surgery, or with time. If you begin to notice that your implants are not settling into the proper location and appear to be sitting to high, too low, or too far to the right or left, you will want to contact your plastic surgeon or a revision specialist. Here are some of the most common kinds of breast implant malposition.


In this situation, the implant migrates below the intended position, instead of plumping up the top or middle of the breast as it was supposed to. This results in an increase in the size of the bottom of the breast, or lowering the entire line of the chest. Though this is one of the most common malposition situations, it is still relatively rare, especially if your surgeon creates an adequate muscle pocket for the implant to fit into.

Double Bubble

When this occurs, the natural breast tissue hangs over the implant, instead of filling out the entire line of the chest. This most commonly happens when the implant is positioned too low and deep, or the implant pocket is overdissected, pushing up the natural tissue without actually supporting it fully. This can also occur when the skin does not stretch appropriately over the implant, which can misalign and squish the tissue of the breast.

Breast Implants that Sit Too High

When implants are too high, the nipple will appear too low on the breast, even after swelling has abated and the implants have fully settled. This creates a very unnatural look, especially on the lower half of the breast. Some doctors recommend a binding regimen, to move the implants down. However, breast implant revision surgery may be necessary to correct this issue, which may be a result of incorrect alignment when the implants were inserted.

Symmastia (Uniboob)

If implants are placed too close to the center of the chest, it can actually compromise the integrity of the sternum tissue in this area, causing it to pull away from the ribs. This allows the implants to shift to the center of the chest, creating one, long breast. This is a very rare circumstance and must be corrected with the help of a qualified surgeon.

Breast Implants that Sit Too Far Apart

Implants that are too far apart can also create an extremely unnatural look by creating an unsightly gap between the breasts. The placement of the nipple will look strange, as they will be too close to the inner walls of the breast, instead of in the middle, where they belong. This kind of misalignment may occur right after implantation, or it may not manifest itself until after the breasts have settled. In many cases, choosing the proper breast implant profile allows surgeons to avoid this problem.

Breast Implants in the Axilla (Armpit)

If implants are very misaligned, you may find them migrating out of the breast pocket entirely and into the armpit area. In this case, the implants may slid towards the axilla, especially if they are implanted using a transaxilla incision or the pocket was not created properly.

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