Revisionary Breast Surgery in San Diego

Breast Augmentation with silicone or saline implants is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Last year over 320,000 women underwent a breast augmentation by plastic surgeons alone (keep in mind that, unfortunately, any MD can perform breast augmentation in California – including oral surgeons!).

However, despite its popularity, not all procedures are complication free.

I routinely see many patients in need of revisionary breast surgery. Several complications are most frequently seen for either capsular contracture or implant “malposition.”

Capsular contracture results in a “contraction” of the breast implant capsule (a breast capsule is normal, the contraction is not) leading to a change in the shape of the implant, firmness of the breast and, in the later stages, breast pain. We, unfortunately, do not have a clear idea about the true cause of this, and some of the most frequent presentations are in patients who have only one side affected.

Implant malposition is a situation where the breast implant settles in the non-optimal location – most commonly too low, called “bottoming out.”  This also requires corrective surgery in the form of tightening the area that is “too loose” and releasing the “tighter” areas of the capsule.

The revisionary breast surgery procedures involve a combination of tightening the excessive areas of the breast pocket – commonly termed capsulorrhaphy – and releasing the tight areas of the capsule – capsulotomy – and in some cases removing the entire capsule – capsulectomy. These procedures need to be individualized for each patient to achieve the ultimate outcome.

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Dr. Vincent Marin

San Diego Plastic Surgeon


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