Breast Surgery for Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast Surgery for Breast AsymmetryThere are a number of factors that can contribute to the appearance of asymmetrical breasts. Age, pregnancy, genetics, breast skin laxity, the position of the nipple, and a difference in volume can result in breasts that appear uneven. San Diego plastic surgeon Vincent Marin performs breast surgery to improve symmetry and produce the patient’s desired breast size.

Treatment Techniques

The type of asymmetry that affects the patient will determine the treatment approach. First, Dr. Marin will determine if there is asymmetry in the volume of each breast, and if there is asymmetry in the breast tissue or nipple location. Second, Dr. Marin will discuss the patient’s very personal cosmetic goals to find out what type of results she wishes to achieve. Some patients would simply like to even out the breasts, not go any larger; some patients may wish to increase the size of both breasts. Still others will actually want to reduce the size of the breasts. Dr. Marin will base his treatment approach on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic preferences.

Different Sized Implants

When the breasts appear asymmetrical, many patients assume that different sized implants will treat the condition. However, this is not always the case. This approach is indicated when one breast is larger than the other in terms of volume. Dr. Marin will increase the amount of filler material in the implant to be placed in the smaller breast to balance out the size of the breasts. Prior to undergoing breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Marin will work with the patients to determine their ideal breast size.

Breast Lift Techniques

In many cases, especially in older women and women who have experienced pregnancy, the breasts appear uneven because the skin is sagging at different rates. In one breast, the skin may have stretched and the nipple drooped downward a little more than in the other breast. This can certainly play a role in the uneven appearance of the chest area. In these cases, the patient may require breast lift surgery to tighten the skin and reposition the nipple. Dr. Marin is skilled in performing the crescent, peri-areolar, circumvertical lollipop, and standard breast lift techniques.

Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts may also notice a difference in the size of the breasts or the degree of ptosis that is affecting each breast. If the patient desires a smaller breast size, along with improved symmetry, Dr. Marin will perform a breast reduction procedure. The patient’s breast reduction treatment plan may include liposuction, vertical lollipop reduction, or standard reduction. In cases of breast asymmetry, liposuction is indicated when the patient only requires the removal of excess breast tissue; the patient must have healthy skin that will contract to complement the new breast contour.  The vertical lollipop and standard reduction are recommended when excess breast tissue and skin must be removed to reduce the size of the breasts and create more symmetry.

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