Nasal Exercises Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

Patients who have undergone rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery will almost certainly be eager to show off their new look to friends and family. They will have been told to expect a certain amount of bruising and swelling following the procedure, and that it may take several months for the nose to settle into its final shape.

However, in certain cases, there is also a series of simple exercises patients can do following surgery to help the nose settle into its proper shape even sooner. Dr. Vincent Marin always provides his patients with simple, clear instructions for performing these nasal exercises.

When Are Nasal Exercises Necessary?

In most cases, the bones around the nose will fuse back together in the desired contour and shape. A nasal cast is used for the first five to seven days to properly position the bones into the desired location as they heal. However, in some cases, the nasal bones must be broken, in order to correct for a large hump deformity or a crooked nose. The nasal bones are more likely to shift following this type of procedure, due to swelling. In such cases, Dr. Marin recommends exercises to gently manipulate the nasal bones back into the desired position to heal in the correct shape.

Nasal Exercises

Using the pad of the thumbs, patients should push on the side of the nose toward the center. It is very important to only do this on the upper third of the nose, where the bones are located. Patients should not push down on the top of the bridge, but only apply pressure from the side. Pushing on the bridge may actually shift the nasal bones further outward, making them heal in the wrong position.

In some cases, patients may be instructed to place pressure on the nasal bones from both sides at once, or push on one side harder than the other. Dr. Marin will follow up with patients every two to three weeks in case the nasal exercises need to be adjusted.

Pressure should be applied until there is at least a moderate degree of pain. Press against the nose for approximately one minute. This should be done anywhere from 20 to 30 times a day and for six to eight weeks after the nasal cast is removed. After that point, the nasal bones should have healed into their final position, and the nose should have the proper shape and contour.

Benefits of Nasal Exercises

Dr. Marin works hard to ensure that patients are happy with their new nose. A large part of this is collaborating with the patient on goals and options before the surgery. Another part involves nasal exercises to increase the chances of patients getting the desired outcome that they want. Patients have invested so much time and effort into improving their looks by deciding to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, that it just makes sense to go the extra step to get the most out of that investment.

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