Top Trends in Plastic Surgery for 2014

Just as with trends in fashion, fitness, or beauty, studying the latest trends in plastic surgery can tell us a great deal about how societal attitudes toward self-improvement have changed over the years. For example, we should expect to see more non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures (such as BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, dermal fillers, and chemical peels) being performed in lieu of more costly facelift surgery procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has been tracking the types of cosmetic procedures performed by its member surgeons, as well as comparing these numbers over time to get an accurate picture of changes in cosmetic procedures.

Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

  1. Breast augmentations continued to be the most popular cosmetic surgery for 2014, with more than 280,000 procedures performed. This was down slightly from 2013.
  2. There were slightly more than 215,000 nose jobs performed in 2014, which was also slightly down from 2013.
  3. Liposuction was the third most popular cosmetic surgery, with slightly more than 210,000 procedures for 2014. This was up by 5 percent from 2013.
  4. Eyelid surgery to correct droopy or puffy eyes was the fourth most popular surgery. This was down by 4 percent from 2013.
  5. Facelifts surgery rounded out the top five cosmetic surgeries for 2014, at slightly more than 125,000. This was also down by 4 percent from the previous year.
  6. BOTOX® injections were the most popular cosmetic procedure (surgical or non-surgical), with 6.7 million treatments being performed in 2014. This was 6 percent higher than in 2013.
  7. Soft tissue dermal fillers (such as JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®) were the second most popular non-surgical procedure. Slightly more than 2 million procedures were performed in 2014, which was an increase of 3 percent from 2014.
  8. The third most popular procedure was chemical peels. In 2014, 1.25 million of these procedures were performed, with a 7 percent increase from 2013. This was the largest overall increase from 2013 for any cosmetic procedure.
  9. Just over 1 million laser hair removal treatments were performed in 2014, which was up by 3 percent from 2013.
  10. Microdermabrasion procedures round out the top five, with just over 880,000 procedures performed in 2014. This procedure showed the greatest drop from the previous year, at 9 percent.

Top Five Cosmetic Non-surgical Procedures

2014 Trends

Although surgical facial rejuvenation procedures (eyelid surgery and facelift) dropped slightly from 2013, the number of non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures was dramatically higher. Factoring in that many of these procedures are likely to be requested by middle-age patients, it would seem that while surgical facial rejuvenation is less popular, patients are instead opting for less invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. This is particularly significant when you consider that four of the five most popular non-surgical procedures are all ones to rejuvenate the face.

Clearly, cosmetic procedures are still popular. What may be changing are the methods that patients use to enhance their features. Whether due to the economy or the introduction of newer techniques, patients these days seem to be looking to achieve more subtle, gradual changes to their appearance.


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