Small Breast Implants Benefits

There is the misconception that most women who get breast implants want large breasts. Some women, however, prefer smaller implants, which offer a much more natural look and cause less trauma to the body. Smaller breast implants require a far less invasive surgery and provide a number of other benefits that make them an attractive prospect for some women. If a patient is trying to decide between two different sizes of implants, it is important for her to know why she might want to get relatively small implants, in comparison to the larger ones.

Easier Recovery

Smaller implants traumatize the breast socket far less than larger implants, so the patient usually has a much shorter recovery period than a woman who gets large implants. Their smaller size makes them much easier for the body to accept. They also settle at a faster rate and rarely need the long-term use of binding and compression garments that larger implants require.

Smaller implants also cause less bruising, require a smaller incision, and are less likely to cause as much swelling.

More Natural Look

Not all women who get breast augmentation are looking for an extreme, dramatic appearance. Some simply want to have breasts that are proportional to their frame. Smaller breast implants enable women with a small amount of breast tissue to not only appear more womanly, but to actually look more natural with implants than if they have instead chosen large ones.

Small implants enable women to add a little more definition and size to their chest area, without going to extremes. Because of genetics, they may never develop breasts that will balance their hips and shoulders – or rather, some women may want just slightly larger breasts, looking for a fuller, more proportionate appearance.

Fewer Complications

Because small breast implants cause less damage to the body during their placement, they are less prone to complications like rippling, capsular contracture, and malpositioning. The breast pocket is able to more easily accommodate these smaller implants, and requires less stretching in order to make room for them. Because the muscles and tissues do not have to stretch as much, the implant will fit better under the tissue, reducing the likelihood that the implant will fold, tear, or move out of place.

Easier to Care For

The smaller the implant is in comparison to the natural size of the patient’s breast, the easier the implants are to care for. Not only is it more difficult to find bras that will fit overly large breasts, it is harder to find clothing that is made to accommodate a larger-than-average chest circumference. With more natural-looking breasts, it will be easier to find clothing and undergarments that fit properly.

Smaller implants are also lighter, meaning there is less likelihood of strain on the back, neck, and shoulders because of heavy, overly-large implants. Because smaller implants are more proportional to the body, the body overall responds better to their implantation.

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