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We all know that the Kardashian family is no stranger to plastic surgery. It is possible that they have surgically and non-surgically transformed themselves more than any other family in history. From Kim’s rear to Kylie’s lips to Kris’ nose and Caitlin’s identity, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has likely spent several million on their plastic surgery addiction. Over the past decade, the youngest Kardashian, Khloe has slowly transformed more than any other in her family. She had long been the sister not touted for her looks or specific body part. However, that is no more. Khloe seems to have changed nearly everything about her appearance. Some of these are difficult to pinpoint as she has many more financial and plastic surgery resources at her disposal. But, no matter how she has done it, it seems she is following on the path already established by her sister, Kim.

Many women are prompted to make significant changes after a break-up or divorce. And Khloe has had her fair share of public relationship disasters – from Lamar Odom to rapper French Montana to NBA player Tristan Thompson. However, her motivation could have easily been the pressure of her family and living a life in the public eye. Let’s take a look at the likely changes she has undergone in a non-surgical and surgical manner.

What Procedures Did Khloe Have?

Non-surgically, Khloe has a clearly long-standing schedule of Botox across her entire brow and outer eyes. She also has received filler such as Juvederm, Voluma, or Restylane to her lips, cheeks, jawline, and likely fat reducer injections such as Kybella to the neck. This has taken her oval face and made it more angular toward the feminine “ideal” currently established by Kim. She currently resembles her sister far more than her old self. She has likely spent over a hundred thousand dollars on the non-surgical interventions alone.

Surgically, Khloe has even more to discuss. It is likely that she has undergone liposuction multiple times with the transfer of the fat into her buttocks. Her waist is disproportionately small for the new size of her buttocks, and it’s safe to say her ankle weight exercises didn’t produce that degree of change in her buttock muscle mass.  She initially didn’t have enough fat to produce this degree of surgical change with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and has either undergone multiple procedures or is supplementing her rear with Sculptra butt injections or even padding in her clothes.

She may have undergone a subtle breast augmentation or even fat grafting to her breasts – similar to the BBL procedure. This is less clear or obvious which also could be the result of push up bras or weight fluctuations.

With respect to her face, Khloe barely resembles her younger self. In addition to the fillers, she has undergone multiple rhinoplasties or nose job surgeries. This has resulted in progressive changes that most recently revealed a significant “up-turn” of her nasal tip resembling the nose of her mom, Kris. She has also needed further corrective surgery to repair damage from previous procedures. I would argue that Khloe has not only caught up with Kim but is, unfortunately, surpassing her on her way to further resemble her.

Too Much is often Too Much

As plastic surgery can be transformative for someone self-conscious about their body or aspects of their appearance, so too can the results be addicting as we always look for our next flaw.

Khloe Kardashian, for some reason, has seemingly eclipsed all of her other family in no longer resembling her former self. Much of her popularity seemed to stem from her acting and appearing more real than her sisters. That Khloe seems to be gone, but we can hope that her constant drive for plastic surgical related change is not a reflection of her current state of mind. As we can learn from the Kardashian and Jenners, too much is often too much.

*The content in this blog is developed to spread the awareness towards plastic surgery. Our blog is not intended to serve as a replacement for an actual in-office consultation with Dr. Marin. As such, the information within this blog reflects the unique cases of our individual patients.

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